Calm Down, Instagram Doesn't Own Your Photos

Ever since Instagram released their new Terms of Service, every hipster in the world shed a premature tear. It was interpreted that Instagram would have full ownership of every user's photos and could use them for advertising and profit purposes. 

However, co-founder Kevin Systrom has released a blog post on Instagram which seems to have calmed the mobs of angry Instagram-ers demanding for an explanation and some to even delete their accounts. 

Here's what Kevin has to say: 

Our intention in updating the terms was to communicate that we’d like to experiment with innovative advertising that feels appropriate on Instagram. Instead it was interpreted by many that we were going to sell your photos to others without any compensation. This is not true and it is our mistake that this language is confusing. To be clear: it is not our intention to sell your photos. We are working on updated language in the terms to make sure this is clear.

So the good news is that all those filtered photos of your cat and your daily cup of coffee still belongs to you. We'll just have to way and see what this "innovative advertising" is all about.