Droid Incredible Receiving Software Update


You know the rumoured software update for the Droid Incredible? Well now a handful of Droid Incredible owners are saying that they have got the OTA update for the new software. Even though it is not Froyo, this software update does have some awesome features. These include 3G wifi hotspots (however you will need to pay $20 a month for this), 720p video recording and a new boot up screen. There will also be the Skype app built into the Incredible and some other Verizon software as well.

The update isn't official yet but we should see it roll out to all Droid Incredible's over the next couple of weeks. Even though it is not Froyo, (which we should see on the Droid Incredible later this summer) the update should be a nice welcome to the Incredible and keep it one of the hottest phones on the market this summer.

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Source Droid-Life