ColorWare Wedge Tablet Stand Looks Incredible

Although you may know ColorWare for its custom paint job service that gets your gadgets in the right color for your taste and charging you accordingly, the Wedge looks to be the companies first ever standalone product that may actually serve a purpose. ColorWare's $250 Grip handle case for the iPad was the first product ColorWare has introduced, however it fell short from our expectations. Keeping up with the companies tradition, the Wedge is made out of a solid slab of aluminum making it last way beyond the life of your tablet. The Wedge is uniquely designed to fit the iPad, iPad 2 and most other tablets and e-readers but might look best with an iPad 2 in the front seat don't you think?

The Wedge enables the user to place a tablet in both landscape and portrait viewing orientations at four different viewing degrees - 40, 60, 70 and 80 degree angles that are also depicted at the top of the Wedge. Each of the four stand slits are lined with a soft Ultrasuede material and the bottom surface of the Wedge has been fitted with a non-slip rubber surface. ColorWare's Wedge won't come cheap at $200, but at least you've got the power of fully customizing it from head to toe and picking from a slew of color options including soft-touch and glossy finishes, Ultrasuede lining colors for each side without increasing the price. We really like the Wedge stand so far, it looks like it belongs inside a Lamborghini Reventon.

Nir Schneider