First Clip Of ‘jOBS’ Showing Ashton Kutcher Playing The Role Of Steve Jobs

t’s been well known in the tech world and entertainment industry alike that Ashton Kutcher had been filming for the movie, ‘jOBS,’ for quite some time now. Today, Entertainment Weekly unveiled the first clip of the highly anticipated movie that will be premiering this Friday at the Sundance Film Festival. The part of Steve is probably the most talked about role in the movie but without Steve Wozniak (played by Josh Gad), Apple would have never come about. Take a peek below of the exclusive first clip of 'jObs.'

In the clip, we can see Jobs trying to convince Wozniak that together they could create and sell an amazing device, now known as the Macintosh, to the world. Gad noted in the interview with EW that he had to read iWoz, Walter Isaacson’s book, Steve Jobs, and watch hundreds of hours of footage in preparation for the role. The film hits theaters April 19.