Golden Cleave Zero Aluminum iPhone 5S Bumper By Deff Japan Is Stellar

Deff Japan is back at it with its new flagship Cleave Zero, a handsome all-aluminum machined bumper featuring a screw-less brass joint design. Shown off in its polished and anodized gold hue finish, Deff's new Cleave Zero perfectly matches Apple's golden iPhone 5S and makes it clear to everyone that you sir or madam, have the new iPhone 5S. 

The Cleave Zero features a beveled-edge design crafted from a solid block of aluminum and split into two parts for easy slide-in installation, integrated machined aluminum button and silent switch controls and a rotating finger strap mount that can be used with Deff's optional carbon fiber-made ring finger adapter instead of the normal wrist strap. Oh and yeah, there's a silver version too and it looks pretty awesome on a Space Gray iPhone 5S. Deff's Cleave Zero is scheduled for release in Asia on October 1st for around $100. Deff's Cleave Zero will most likely be named differently once it hits North American shores under the Draco Design brand. We assume it'll go by the name "Draco Zero".