Google Releases The Chromebook Pixel

Hot off the heels of announcing an early access to Glass for the public, Google today released their newest addition to the Chromebook family, the Chromebook Pixel. Like the other members of the family, the Chromebook Pixel lives in the cloud and utilizes the browser as its gateway to the operating system. That’s where the similarities end because the Pixel uses a 12.85”, 2560x1700 touch screen made of Gorilla Glass that has 4.3 million pixels, easily on par with Apple’s Retina display. The internals of the Pixel are also upgraded with 4GB of RAM, 32 GB SSD (also comes in 64 GB) and an Intel Core i5 Processor.

Also different from previous Chromebooks is it's high quality glass touchpad, two dual-band WiFi antennas, a Piano Hinge that allows for easy opening and closing of the Pixel with even one finger and a Lightbar, "Just because it looks cool," according to Google. On the downside though, it advertises 5 hours of battery life, uses an Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card and comes equipped with 2 USB 2.0 ports. Purchasing yours now will also give you 1 TB of storage on Google Drive for 3 years along with 12 sessions of GoGo Inflight Internet. The Chromebook Pixel comes in two models with a Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi+LTE version. Prices start at $1,299 and are shipping in 3-5 business days.