Griffin's WatchStand Is The Highest Apple Watch Charging Stand


Griffin's new versatile WatchStand for the Apple Watch is the first charging dock to also feature a dedicated bottom stand to horizontally place your iPhone during the night. And because of that, it's also the largest Apple Watch charging accessory we've seen yet. The WatchStand's tall charging post neatly conceals the magnetic charger and USB cable in its core for a clean look. Like Twelve South's HiRise, the WatchStand will charge any model of the Apple Watch whilst displaying the smartwatch at the perfect elevated viewing angle – both vertically or horizontally. But unlike the more premium designed HiRise, Griffin's WatchStand is made out of plastic. Though it is a cheaper charging accessory at just $30. Griffin's WatchStand will be available for purchase this summer.

WatchStand displays Apple Watch on a sleek pedestal, and can be placed on any nightstand, tabletop or desktop for convenient daily charging. WatchStand houses the Apple-provided MagSafe charging cable in an angled cradle that keeps it ready to charge at all times. For initial assembly, the user simply feeds the MagSafe cable through the center of the post, and then, to charge each day, lays the Apple Watch against the cradle. The MagSafe connector's magnet gently snaps itself onto the back of the watch and begins charging.