Hardcore Tablet Stands Made From Slices Of Train Rails

Who would have though that heavy chunks of real train rails would make one of the most amazing pieces of tablet stands imaginable. Griffin has collaborated with Rail Yard Studios to create one-of-a-kind, hand-made gritty tablet stands, each costing $130 and artistically fashioned out of reclaimed decommissioned rail stock and railroad spikes forged out of steel. The Rail Artifact Stand is made up from two railroad spikes welded to a flat tie plate once used to hold down parts of the rail creating an angled back support for virtually any tablet. The less grungy-looking Rail Slice Stand is a solid slice of a 12-inch wide railroad rail weighing a hefty 11 pounds, and features a CNC-milled cavity for your tablet's charging cable connector. Both stands were made to hold full-sized and small tablets in either portrait or landscape orientations.

We know consumers are looking for unique and interesting gifts for the tech-lover in their lives so we partnered with Rail Yard Studios to offer hand-made pieces they can't find anywhere else," said Scott Naylor, VP of Product Development at Griffin Technology. "These rare tablet stands are American-made and the perfect way to preserve a piece of history in the digital age.

Each piece bears the original manufacturers' markings including the natural patina, wear and tear from over a century of use. To preserve the original wear and look of every one of these pieces of railroad history, Rail Yard Studios has applied three coats of low-gloss polyurethane coating to help preserve details such as rust and other imperfections. Though that isn't going to be enough to keep your tablet from scratching against the industrial steel, which is why Griffin is considerate enough to include a free protective tablet case of your choosing including its most expensive $80 Survivor and Survivor Slim cases for the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1.