Harman Kardon CL Headphones Boast Unique Design, Perfect Sound

Heads up if you're in the market for some good sounding, premium over-ear headphones. Harman Kardon just teased us with what looks like a pair of the company's first pair of over-ear headphones made with ridiculously premium materials and unique industrial design. Sure Harman Kardon owns AKG and JBL, both of which make great headphones, but the company's signature sound has never been put into headphones until now. Harman Kardon's speaker systems are one of the best in the world, we can't wait to hear what these headphones sound and feel like. Besides Harman Kardon's over-ear CL headphones, the company taunts a full line of on-ear and in-ear headphones as well.

Harman Kardon hasn't revealed any juicy details other than advertising that the CL headphones will deliver a pure sound experience for serious audiophiles, and a June release date. Harman Kardon's headphone page is now up and teases the CL headphones.

Nir Schneider