HP: webOS To Be Open Sourced


Good news. And bad news. 

The Good

HP has decided to open webOS and contribute it to the open source community. Meg Whitman and Co have decided that the company will still be an “active participant and investor in the project” but have decided that they cannot continue to pump money into the project, so its looking to the community to do its work for it.  

This is great news for those who love their webOS devices and were saddened at the possibility of the program being axed. The question is if HP will be producing any new hardware for the newly opened operating system.

The Bad

It seems that the webOS hardware lineup isn’t going to be producing anything any time soon. Regarding the future of webOS hardware, the company has stated that it will “explore the viability of putting webOS on devices”. That doesn’t sound like good news to me but the company has said that current owners of webOS devices will continue to receive software improvements and updates in the future. 

HP has posted a set of FAQs for any more questions you may have.