iPad 2 Cases Aren't Compatible With The New iPad 3rd Gen

There's been quite a bit of confusion as to whether current iPad 2 cases fit the new iPad 3rd Gen being it is only 0.6mm thicker. Gadgetmac has learned that iPad 2 cases such as tight fitting hard plastic shell snap-on cases will absolutely not fit the new iPad 3rd Gen. Folio cases with frame style enclosures are a lot more forgiving and have plenty of spare room in order to fit the newly designed iPad 3rd Gen. On the other hand, there are iPad 2 folio cases with hard polycarbonate shells for attachment which aren't compatible as well. So in that regard, iPad 2 folio cases and all the different types of sleeves are indeed compatible with the more chubby iPad. As for silicone and semi-rigid TPU style cases, we recommend waiting until manufacturers release ones that are specifically designed to fit the new iPad.

Nir Schneider