LaCie XtremeKey USB 3.0 Designed To Withstand It All


LaCie's obsession for protection has brought us another marvelous, external and portable storage device with epic rugged proportions. The XtremeKey is LaCie's USB 3.0 thumb drive housed inside a tightly sealed - waterproof, fireproof and dropproof brushed aluminum enclosure which to us, actually looks like some extravagantly designed fishing weight. The 2mm-thick aluminum enclosure which is designed by French designer, Constance Guisset, can also withstand extreme pressure of 10-tons. What's more, the XtremeKey is digitally protected using AES 256-bit encryption and is small enough to tag along on your keychain. The internal 32GB or 64GB capacity options yield insanely fast data transfer speeds of up to 230Mbps via USB 3.0. LaCie's XtremeKey is currently available in a 32GB capacity for $85, while the 64GB version will be available next month.

Nir Schneider