Marshall Monitor Headphones Taunt Studio-Quality Sound For $200

In rock n' roll spirit that is Marshall, the company announced its second pair of speaker-inspired cans today since the first debut of the Major on-ear headphones back in 2010. Marshall's new Monitor are an over-ear designed headphones that deliver superior noise isolation with supple black vinyl leather cushions. Equipped with low-distortion 40mm drivers, the Monitor also feature a dual-sided detachable coiled audio cable with a one-button remote and mic, as well as a compact collapsible construction so you can take them on the road with you.

Here's what Marshall has to say about the Monitor's studio-quality sound performance:

Resonating with the power of live performance, Monitor produces deep bass with extended highs and natural, well-balanced mids. Its custom-made low distortion 40mm drivers cover the entire frequency range. Even at high playback levels, the sound is punchy and dynamic. With the Monitor’s F.T.F. system, you can choose your own sound experience ¬– a warmer, laid back sound, or a brighter and clearer sound.

The magnetic detachable ear cushions let you easily adjust the unique F.T.S filter insert to create a more customized sound output by controlling the amount of treble to better fit your liking or a specific genre of music. Marshall's Monitor headphones will sell for $200 when they hit store shelves in early May.

Nir Schneider