NS2 Air Monitors By Nocs Come With AirPlay Direct, Now Available

Nocs has finally released its first set of high-powered monitor speakers called the NS2 Air Monitors. It's been a long time coming, and we think these are the sleekest looking pair of monitors we've seen in a long time. The minimalist Swedish designed NS2 Air Monitors are one of the first monitor speakers to feature AirPlay Direct functionality, which lets you wirelessly stream high quality music and audio on a WiFi network from your Mac, PC and iOS device. The cool bit is that the NS2 Air Monitors will even create their own little WiFi network in case you don't have an internet connection thanks to the AirPlay Direct technology. So you could always enjoy the fruits of wireless AirPlay streaming no matter how bad your ISP is. 

Each monitor houses a 3-inch kevlar coned woofer with dual magnets, and a 3/4" silk dome tweeter tucked inside a beautifully hand-built rubber coated cabinet. Nocs' NS2 Air Monitors will set you back $449, but for that sum of money you'll be enjoying accurate and well balanced sound you can bet will blow your pants off. Not to mention the option of picking between six vibrant colors ranging from orange, yellow, red, black, white and gray. These are available now and can be ordered directly off of Nocs' website in the USA and in Europe.

Nir Schneider