Schneider Optics Outs iPro Lens System, iPhone 4S Lens Case

iPhone photography enthusiasts now have access to even better quality glass attachments for the iPhone from respective lens makers with the iPro Lens System case made by Schneider Optics. The iPro Lens System fits both iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 models and comes with wide angle and fisheye lenses that can be easily screwed on and off onto the specially designed, snap-on style protective hard shell case. Shooting using the wide angle lens will provide you with an extra 35% wider field of view while the fisheye lens lets you capture 160 degree angles.

The case itself is fitted with tripod mounts on both sides and can be used with the included lens storage case which doubles as a handle. The entire kit that only includes two lenses will set you back a whopping $199, the most expensive lens kit we've seen for the iPhone yet. But Schneider Optics does have more street cred than other great alternatives such as the olloclip 3-in-1 lens adapter at a considerably lower price point.

Nir Schneider