Seidio's Vitreo Series Trades Flimsy Plastic For Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

We're all too familiar with the cheap and unreliable plastic screen protectors that we decide to slap onto our new and expensive devices for the sake of protection. To make matters worse, unless you're an expert at screen protector installation, you'll more than likely end up with some form of air bubble too. These are all things that the folks at Seidio hate too, which is why they created the Vitreo lineup of tempered glass screen protectors for your iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III. 

Boasting an impressive 9H hardness rating and coming in at only .55mm thickness, the Vitreo sets itself as the ideal screen protector. Best of all, Seido is claiming that it is unbeatable and "shatterproof", however, life experiences has proven that glass and shatterproof have yet to go hand-in-hand.

This is similar to Spigen SGP's GLAS.t lineup including the all-too similar Colorant glass screen protectors that we've come to love so much, and it comes in at an affordable $39.95.