Sony Unveils Tiny PS Vita TV Gaming Console, Budget Living Room Entertainment

Sony has introduced an unexpected new miniature gaming console painted all in white - the PlayStation Vita TV. When connected to a TV or any other external monitor using HDMI, the PS Vita TV will let you play all Vita designed games and can be wirelessly controlled using Sony's DualShock 3 controllers. Like its portable handheld brother, the PS Vita TV features the same user interface found on the PS Vita and doubles as a entertainment set-top-box with features like Sony's Video and Music services as well as Hulu and other online media services. So really Sony created an even tinier Roku/Apple TV competitor only with gaming functionality that's already rich with established Vita titles. 

Naturally the console has an HDMI output, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth support, a slot for Vita games and a memory card, power, USB and ethernet ports. It'll also support Remote Play when connected to a PS4 console. Sony will be releasing its PS Vita TV first thing in Japan on Novemeber 14 alongside the release of the PS4 before hitting North American and European shores. The console itself will retail for around $100, while $150 gets you the console plus a DualShock 3 controller and an 8GB Vita memory card.

Nir Schneider