Apple Updates 27" LED Cinema Display With Thunderbolt, Ethernet, Firewire

Apple has release quite a few updated products today, one of them is the new 27" LED Cinema Display with the same gorgeous 2560x1440 LED backlit IPS display and appearance, but with a few new added perks. The new 27" LED Cinema Display now comes equipped with a Thunderbolt port for blazing fast 10Gbps transfer speeds and daisy chaining goodness, Gigabit Ethernet port to reduce even more cable clutter on your MacBook Air or Pro, a Firewire 800 port and X3 USB ports. The Thunderbolt cable will replace the USB cable used to transfer audio and video into less cable clutter and saving you an extra USB port on your Mac while the MagSafe charging cable will power up your Mac. The new 27" LED Cinema Display will still set you back $999, available now.

Nir Schneider