Adonit's Writer Keyboard Folio For iPad 2 Might Be The One

There are already numerous keyboard cases for the iPad and iPad 2, but Adonit's Writer keyboard folio for the iPad 2 stands out with its mixture of aluminum and biodegradable fabrics. The Writer's Bluetooth keyboard has a spacious full keyboard layout with what Adonit claims to have "scissor action Keys" that provide you with the perfect key press and tactile feedback, similar to Apple's chiclet keys. You won't find a built-in rechargeable battery that powers this Bluetooth keyboard though. Instead, you'll have to use 3 AAA batteries which should last you about a month of heavy use. 

Quick eject and a magnetic adjustable viewing strip allows for unlimited viewing angles while maintaining a stable posture, are amongst the Writer's key features. The Writer keyboard folio for the iPad 2 is now available to help you publish that novel of yours for $110.

Nir Schneider