Gumdrop's Drop Series iPad 2 Case Boasts Mean Protection

Gumdrop's latest case for the iPad 2, the Drop Series, will come in handy if you're looking for some serious drop protection. Griffin's Survivor case isn't the only case anymore offering tough drop protection for the iPad 2. The Drop Series case is available now in 4 colors for $59.95, and offers multiple layers of protection including a snap-on screen shield and one tough and mean looking, thick rubber outer layer for that extra shock absorption and grip. The Drop Series case also has built-in port covers to keep dust away.

Gumdrop's Military Edition Drop Series case for the iPad 2 offers the same exact protection except it's colored in an army green color which will cost you a bit more at $69.95. The Military Edition is currently available to pre-order and is expected to ship in June. Unlike Griffin's Survivor case for the iPad 2, the Military Edition Drop Series case isn't Military spec certified and tested. That sounds a little ironic doesn't it.

Nir Schneider