LockDown External Password Protected Hard Drive Enclosure Keeps Your Data Safe

Satechi's new portable external hard drive enclosure called the LockDown and rightfully so, is a SATA hard drive enclosure for 2.5" HDDs up to 9.5mm in height that not only keeps your data secured with a encrypted 256 bit hardware password protection but also provides speedy data transfers through USB 3.0. The LockDown boasts a tiny OLED info display and a capacitance touch keypad on the front of the enclosure that lets you set your own 4-8 digit password in order to unlock and lock your hard drive for use without the need of additional software. Why is this any good you ask? Well, if you lose or someone breaks into your home and steals your portable hard drive while its enclosed inside the LockDown enclosure, nobody will be able to suck any of your personal data off of it without your password that has been embedded and encrypted into your drives data. 

Satechi's new LockDown is compatible with both Mac and PC and will set you back $89.99. 

Nir Schneider