Mac Mini To Be "Made In The USA?"

“Designed in California” now might also be, “Designed and assembled in the United States.” Digitimes is reporting that Foxconn Electronics, who have been known to manufacture Apple’s iPhone, iPod, and iPad line of products, is currently in the process of having Mac mini’s manufactured in the United States. According to the report, “Foxconn has about 15 operating bases in the US” and the recruiting for these facilities will begin in 2013.  

In a recent interview with Brian Williams, Tim Cook noted that, “We’ve been working for years on doing more and more in the United States.” Speculation began soon after the segment that the Mac Pro was going to be the first of Apple’s products being manufactured in the United States due to its relatively low volume of sales. Mac mini shipments are expected to be up more than 40% from last year and could hit upwards of 1.8 million units shipped in 2013.

The Mac Mini Gets A Big Boost

The iPad mini wasn't the only "Mini" to get the crowd's attention today in San Jose. The seemingly forgotten underdog of Apple's computing lineup hasn't seen much of a boost in quite some time. However, at long last, Apple has given it's first Mini product the upgrade it needs. 

The updated 2012 Mac mini now sports brand new Ivy Bridge processors and will begin at the 2.5 GHz Dual Core i5 processor with 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. There are obviously upgradable components to the Mac mini, including a server configuration option. If none of the preset configurations appeal to you, you are still able to customize your own build-to-order Mac mini through Apple's Online store. 

Prices will begin at $599 for the base model and $999 for the Server configuration. They are available right now on Apple's Online store. 

NuShelf Cradles Your 2010 Mac mini & Time Capsule

NewerTech has released a clear dual mount shelf for the 2010 Mac mini called the NuShelf. The NuShelf allows you to easily cradle your 2010 Mac mini under your desk, shelf or cabinet in order to save desk space. Rear cutouts allow easy access to your Mac mini's ports and power button while the large front opening allows full access to your Mac mini's optical drive and Apple Remote IR sensor. The NuShelf is able to accommodate up to 2 Mac minis or one Apple Time Capsule and one Mac mini, which ever combination you choose. The NuShelf for the 2010 Mac mini and Time Capsule is available now for $44.95.

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New Mac Minis To Be Updated Soon?


It looks like supplies of Apple's current Mac Minis are short on hand. AppleInsider reports that it has received numerous reports that suggest those shortages indicate new models to be released very soon. These reports are coming from various Apple resellers including large buyers from educational institutions that have had their recent bulk orders pushed back from an ETA of 1-3 business days all the way to June 14, which is a few days after Apple's WWDC 2010, where Steve Jobs will host the keynote. Rumors for the next refresh of Mac Minis are said to include an HDMI port that would replace the current DVI port, larger hard drives, faster Core 2 Due processors and updated graphics cards by Nvidia.

Source AppleInsider 

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