Logitech Touch Mouse M600, Sleek Wireless Touch Sensitive PC Mouse

Logitech's newest touch sensitive mouse looks like a sleek slug, but it sure isn't sluggish on specs. It seems as though logitech is one step behind Apple when it comes to touch sensitive input devices. Not long ago, Logitech released its version of a touch sensitive trackpad called the Wireless Touchpad. The Touch Mouse M600 is said to have slippery smooth, uber responsive touch surface for swiping and scrolling. And with Logitech's Flow Scroll software, PC users will enjoy continues and free-flowing web page scrolling. The Magic Mouse-inspired Touch Mouse M600 was designed to comfortably fit the palm of your hand whether you're left or right handed with clickable areas that can be reassigned and also features the option to use only a single AA battery for lightweight use while two AA batteries can increase the weight and feel of the mouse while adding longer run times. Nice way of using batteries as additional weight for customization, Logitech.

The Touch mouse M600 comes with the Logitech Unifying wireless USB receiver that can connect up to 6 Logitech devices using only a single USB port. You can pre-order yours for $69.99 and expect it to start shipping later this month.

Nir Schneider