Suit Up Your MacBook Air With Vaja's Ivolution Leather Suit Case


Oh yes, Vaja doesn't just make the most amazing leather cases for the iPhone and iPad, but apparently also for the ultra portable 2010 and 2011 MacBook Air. Fortunately for you, Vaja's Ivolution Leather Suit case isn't as expensive as you might think and costs only $210. That's how much some of Vaja's iPad 2 folio cases will run you like the Leather Agenda folio case clocking in at $220. Sure that's no cheap way of protecting your MacBook Air that you take everywhere with you, but it's the most stylish and luxurious way of doing so that's for sure. The Ivolution Leather Suit is only available for the 13" MacBook Air featuring Vaja's exclusive supple, floater cowhide leather, soft microfiber interior and offers full protection at a slim package without ever having to remove your MacBook Air with access to all ports at all times. 
Vaja's Ivolution Leather Suit can be customized with over 18 leather colors and trimming. As with all Vaja cases, expect to wait nearly a month for Vaja to handcraft your Vaja case and ship it out to your doorstep. Does it get any fancier than this? It might if you fancy carrying around your MacBook Air inside a vintage leather BookBook. Then yes.

Nir Schneider