iPhone 4S Camera Embedding Plus Marks In Your Photos, Faulty Sensors?

As new iPhone 4S owners start to enjoy all the great new features their handsets bring from Siri to faster speeds, issues start to arise. Enjoying all of those 8-megapixels? Turns out we found out that the iPhone 4S' brilliant new back facing camera isn't playing very nice and embeds little white plus (+) marks in all of your photos. If you zoom in just a little, you'll be able to spot a few of them sitting there ruining your photos. Why is this happening? We can't say for sure, but chances are that this is only a matter of a software update away from fixing this issue with the camera. In a worst case scenario, this could be the fault of a faulty batch of sensors. 

Here's what you need to looks for. We've confirmed this happening with every photo taken with an iPhone 4S across many users. The sooner Apple takes note of this and issues a software update, you'll just have to hold on ordering those large poster prints, or resort to Photoshopping these out.

Update: We found out that the problem only occurs when using the HDR option to take the photos. That only serves as solid evidence that this could be easily fixed with a software update. 

Nir Schneider