The Redesigned 2012 MacBook Pro: WWDC Predictions

WWDC 2012 is only a day away, and we're expecting some great new things to come out of Apple. Amongst them is a newly redesigned line of MacBook Pros. Other than the obvious faster, better internal hardware specs including a Retina display, the unibody MacBook Pro is in desperate need of renovation after all of these years with only minor specs bumps. Firstly we think it's most likely that we will see a thinner unibody MacBook Pro tomorrow, but contrary to popular speculations it will not share the same slanted form factor as the MacBook Air, but instead it will be have a shaved body and thinner lid design; possibly even losing the optical drive as a result. 

A second major change in the purported new redesigned MacBook Pro we think will be a slightly wider glass trackpad making it the largest, most spacious trackpad ever to be put on a laptop. A larger trackpad area will let users spend less time repeating a swipe in order to scroll across the Retina display's massive resolution.

Lastly, our wishful thinking includes a black aluminum MacBook Pro option and new accessories like a backlit wireless Bluetooth keyboard with a black key layout. What ever WWDC 2012 holds, we will cover all the juicy news!

Nir Schneider