iCloud Replaces MobileMe, iWeb Hosted Sites Will Go Down

Are you one of those who uses MobileMe's hosting services to host your iWeb-built website, or even worse, your small business website? First of all that was a bad idea from the get-go as iWeb offers extremely limited tools and functionality. Not to mention the MobileMe servers are turtle slow. Apple will be transferring existing MobileMe users over to the new iCloud service later this fall, sadly the MobileMe hosting service for iWeb will not be transferred. Apple will no longer support iWeb and its hosting leaving you in a whole lot of frustration. The good news though is that you've got roughly a year until Apple completely pulls the plug on you and your iWeb website. 

Don't worry, there are plenty of low-cost publishing platforms readily available for the taking. My suggestion to you is Squarespace and WordPress. Both include hosting and cloud website building tools similar to iWeb but so much better. As do many other web publishing platforms out there. Beginning the move from iWeb towards a new publishing service shouldn't be too difficult. Services like Squarespace already have many tools and easy to follow tutorials on how you can transfer your old website. So get moving.

Nir Schneider