The Best 10 iPhone 5C Cases You Can Get

Have you pre-ordered yourself one of Apple's candylicious iPhone 5C but Apple's official case wasn't cutting it for you? We hear you, we're not the biggest fans of the Crocs and Swiss cheese-esque design either. So we've devised a list of all the iPhone 5C cases we think you should consider instead, and most of them cost less than $29. If you're a third party kind of person, head past the break for the full rundown of some of the best cases you can currently get for that colorful iPhone 5C of yours.


Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for iPhone 5C - Shock absorbing TPU black outer bumper fused with a clear hard polycarbonate back. Features air-cushioned four corner protection. Price $13


Supcase Unicorn Beetle case for iPhone 5C (name chuckle) - a drop-protective, dual layer matte finished hard polycarbonate and soft TPU layered case with a sporty design. Available in 8 different colors. Price $7


SwitchEasy Melt case for iPhone 5C - A unique looking, three-dimensional hybrid protective case made to look like melting plastic or dripping paint. The Melt case features a glossy and scratch-resistant polycarbonate hard plastic snap-on shell with a durable and flexible rubber polymer casing with a matte texture providing visually stunning contrasts and great impact as well as integrated port protection. Available in 5 two-tone colors. Price $25


iLuv La Pedrera case for iPhone 5C - a take on Apple's perforated silicone iPhone 5C Case featuring a three-dimentional polycarbonate designed hard shell with oblong-shaped openings that let the color of the iPhone 5C show through. Available in 5 colors. Price $20

Case-Mate Studio Prints cases for iPhone 5C - a trendy slim snap-on polycarbonate plastic case featuring three designer patterns and a protective front and back coverage. Price $25


Supcase Unicorn Beetle Premium case for iPhone 5C - a drop-protective dual layer hard polycarbonate and soft, matte textured TPU layered case with a glossy hard plastic finish featuring a ruggedized sleek look. Available in 6 different colors. Price $10

Spigen Ultra Thin Air case for iPhone 5C - Really slim, crystal clear hard polycarbonate snap-on case showcases the original iPhone 5C color and design underneath it. Also available in solid white and black colors with a non-slip matte finish. Price $11


Urban Armor Gear Maverick case for iPhone 5C - Impact-resistant rugged shell case featuring shock-absorbing soft core and a transparent armored-style back design. Price $35


Spigen Neo Hybrid case for iPhone 5C - Slim fitting drop-protective case featuring a dual layer construction made up from a TPU layer shell with advanced shock absorbing spider web interior pattern and a glossy polycarbonate exterior band available in 5 colors. The Neo Hybrid also features integrated metallic control button instead of cutouts. Price $30


Obliq SkyLine Pro case for iPhone 5C - A form-fitting, drop-protective hybrid case featuring a hard polycarbonate exterior frame with a shock absorbing interior layer. This case features a unique slit where you can insert a business or credit card to form a kickstand. Available in 6 different colors with a semi-glossy finish. Price $15



Spigen Tough Armor case for iPhone 5C - Offering rugged protection, the Tough Armor features air cushioned four corner protection as well as a hybrid design made up from shock absorbing TPU and hard polycarbonate plastic with a matte texture for enhanced grip. Available in 5 colors. Price $25