theQ Is The First Social Pocket Camera To Come After Your iPhone

Branded as the first socially connected 3G point-n-shoot camera, theQ is an easy to use $200 stylishly vintage-looking, waterproof pocket camera that can instantly share every photo taken by you with your favorite social network. On top of that, its got a unique powerful LED ring flash, a 24mm wide angle lens with a pretty quick f/2.4 aperture and a tiny 5-megapixel sensor. You can also directly upload your photos from theQ to the cloud where you can view them, edit them with various filters in a secure online storage space called theQ LAB. Focusing is done manually and you can adjust your focus between macro and infinity using a focus ring around the lens. Instead of offering a single shutter button, theQ camera has two. The second is designed to capture a photo whilst firing the LED ring flash. Video recording is so passé.

Offered in a wide range of soft-touch colors, the Swedish designed theQ camera also features a 2.7" display accompanied by a faux viewfinder which doubles as a carabiner loop, shock-proof construction, a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 200 shots per charge, a micro-USB port and a micro SIM card slot instead of a conventional SD card slot. Because theQ camera relies on its wireless 3G connectivity to push your photos to an online cloud storage which lets you upload unlimited photos, it only enables you to store some photos on its 2GB of on-board storage if for any reason you have no signal reception. You can pre-order theQ camera right now in 9 colors for $200 including free shipping.

Nir Schneider