Used Xbox One Games Cannot Be Played Unless You Pay A Fee

Planning on saving money by buying used Xbox One games? Think again. If not being able to play your Xbox 360 games on the new Xbox One didn't infuriate you enough, Microsoft hasn't confirmed this yet, but there are strong rumors that selling and purchasing used Xbox One games will cost you more than you've bargained for. How much exactly? Any Xbox One user who has purchased a pre-owned game no matter how or from where, will have to pay the full retail cost of that certain game thru activation in order to play and download the game under that person's account. Each disc would have to be tied to a single Xbox Live account, restricting it from being used under a different owner.

Essentially what this means is that you'll always pay full retail price for new game titles, but games that were never used could still be purchased at any given price set by a retail store or an individual. How will rental services like Gamefly work around this if ever, is still a question left unasnwered, but we hope Microsoft has a game plan for rental services.

Nir Schneider