Workiture's El BagPed Furniture Cradles & Protects Your Gear Bag

Bags get thrown around carelessly, stomped over and get filthy from those dirty floors at the office. Who thought our bags filled with expensive and valuable gear would ever need their own chair? Workiture are the cleaver guys behind this magnificent modern furniture made exclusively to handle your gear bag. It's called the el BagPed and it's made from a sturdy, cold-rolled steel and powder-coated with various different color finishes. The el BagPed is designed in a way so that you can place your bag on higher ground and away from potential risks while also providing an elevated platform for a more comfortable access to your bag.

In addition, you can add a bottom shelf and customize it with different colors and fabric materials if you really feel fancy and going all out. The el BagPed is available to order starting from $169.

Nir Schneider