MonCarbone HoverCoat Real Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 4

This is yet another real carbon fiber case made for the iPhone 4 by MonCarbone. We have reviewed the HoverCoat in matte and glossy versions for the iPad in the past and really liked it. You cannot go wrong with the HoverCoat iPhone 4 case if you are a real carbon fiber lover. The HoverCoat case for the iPhone 4 is a back snap-on case the once you have it on your iPhone 4, you will hardly even notice it's there. It's incredibly thin and lightweight yet it feels really solid because of it's carbon fiber construction. 

There isn't much to say about this case as it is designed for those who don't want a bulky case but still need a bit of protection. You're not going to get anything more than scratch protection for the back and metal antenna band of your iPhone 4. Granted the carbon fiber construction will provide extra protection for the back glass on the iPhone 4, but it will not offer any shock protection. 

With the HoverCoat case you don't get any front screen protection as the case does not elevate the screen of a surface should you want to lay you iPhone 4 front face down. However the HoverCoat case does completely cover the iPhone 4's metal antenna band except for the perfectly cut cutouts for the volume buttons, silent switch, headphone jack and sleep/wake button. The bottom part of the case also has a generous cutout for the mic/speaker and dock.

This HoverCoat case has a glossy finish to it that brings out the carbon fiber 3D weave pattern. MonCarbone states that this glossy finish is also scratch resistant but this is not the case at all with the glossy version of this case. I found that this case actually gets scratched very easily and it will show scuff marks at certain angles should you slide your iPhone 4 on a table a few times. This is the most noticeable flaw of the glossy HoverCoat that I think should get fixed right away as it really hurts the looks of the case. I would recommend going for the matte version of the HoverCoat because it actually does not get scratched all that easy and it has more grip as well.

The nice thing about the HoverCoat is that it doesn't have any logos or writing on the outside. It only has the MonCarbone logo on the inside which is a nice touch. The camera cutout is nicely cut and Iv'e had no issues using the camera with the LED flash. 

The HoverCoat is an overall sleek and very slim carbon fiber case for the iPhone 4 without any sharp corners and edges. While the glossy HoverCoat version isn't as grippy as the matte version, it flashes it's awesome carbon fiber weave that you will love. It all comes down to personal taste when choosing between the two versions. In terms of practicality, the matte HoverCoat (also known as Mystery Black) is the way to go right now. Price $59.99.

Nir Schneider