Joby Gorillamobile for iPhone 4

This is the most flexible and durable tripod around, meet the Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 from Joby. You may already know these grippy creatures from Joby's other widely known tripods like the Gorillapod made for larger cameras like DSLR's. The Gorillamobile is built exactly the same way as all of Joby's tripods but in a smaller scale made exactly to hold the weight of the iPhone 4 but also other similar small point-n-shot cameras using the supplied adapter should you choose to use your Gorillamobile not only with your iPhone 4. This is an extremely versatile tripod unlike any other, it can be manipulated in many ways to wrap around various objects like bike handles, poles, railings, branches and whatever else you need to place this tripod on in order to get the perfect shot. More after the break!

The Gorillamobile is really meant for those who want to take their shots from angles that are innovative and not so much from a standard tripod angle. What this means is that the Gorillamobile isn't hight adjustable, sure you can lower it a few inches by manipulating the flexible legs but what it's really designed for is to be latched onto other objects and places where you cannot place a normal sized tripod to take your shots. 

Like all the Gorillapod tripods, the Gorillamobile is very sturdy and will give you sharp, steady still images and video using your iPhone 4. The way you mount your iPhone 4 onto the Gorillamobile is by using the Joby bumper style case that has a railing where you slide and latch onto the tripod itself. The case itself is a pretty decent bumper style case made out of hard plastic and it doesn't have any sort of impact or shock protection. There are nice metal accented buttons just like the Apple Bumper case which gives the case a nice detailed look.

The only problem with this case is that is will bubble up your screen protectors unlike any other case Iv'e seen. This is a pretty big flaw with this case because other than that is perform really well. It bubbled up my perfectly aligned PowerSupport screen protector all around, no matter what I did this case just wanted to rip my screen protector apart. The Joby iPhone 4 case is a bit bulkier than the Apple Bumper case as well. The metal buttons are very easy to press just like on the Apple Bumper case. 

You can position your iPhone 4 both in landscape and portrait modes to take your pictures and videos using the bumper case. You can set up the Gorillamobile in many different angles thanks to the unique ball joints. These ball joints are made up to stay in place in almost any task you throw at them. They also have rubber rings around them that grip the surface you place them on.

The Joby Gorillamobile for the iPhone 4 might be the most versatile and creative tripod around. It might not be for everyone's needs but it definitely works very well at what it's intended for. The only drawback is the bumper case which isn't compatible with screen protectors and doesn't seem to have any shock or drop protection. Joby should add some rubber lining to this case to make it more durable for everyday use. Portability is not going to be an issue if you're on the go, the Gorillamobile tripod is very lightweight and compact, you can even put it in your pocket. Price $39.95.