Body Glove Vibe Slider for iPhone 4 (Revised Version)


The Vibe Slider by Body Glove is a high gloss slider style case for the iPhone 4. It really has style and a sharp look. The case was recently revised to correct a few issues that the old one had. It comes in 4 different colors and retails for $29.99 Putting it right in the sweet spot for price. Lets see if this Slider has what it takes to compete with the Incase Slider and Others.

Looking Around the case you'll find that it has a really high gloss finish that is very fingerprint attracting. The top and bottom are fully open and the volume buttons have a big cutout as well. Inside the case is lined with a very soft felt-like material and it slides in and out pretty snugly, this is only found in the new version of the case because the old one was just bare plastic. Another new feature is the Black Flash Ring around the Camera. Even though there is a pretty large cutout, it still needs a Flash Ring due to the Color and Finish of the case. These are all good features and make the case really nice

Its not all good news though. The top part of the case tends to have creaking issues on the left side and you can feel the case moving around.Also most screen protectors don't work with the case due to the lip around the bezel that touches against the glass. 


Overall, its a very nice and sleek looking case despite the few drawbacks. You can get it for $29.99 at the AT&T Store in an assortment of colors.