Meelectronics M6

The M6 are sound isolating earphones with a professional look and design. While the M6 do well in isolating outside noise, you will need to find the perfect fit in order to get the correct sound. The M6 sound is very similar to the Apple stock earphones with much better bass response. I found the M6 sounding a bit unclear and held back however they are a better alternative to the Apple stock earphones. The M6 are very lightweight and comfortable. The M6 are worn over the ear like most professional In-Ear Monitors and have a memory wire built into each side so that you can get a better and more comfortable secure fit. The overall build quality does not seem to be very durable for extensive use. With the M6, you will get a semi hard rounded carry case as well as a rubber wire organizer the you can use to wrap your cable around and four pairs of silicone ear tips. The M6 are available in a Clear, Black and Maroon colors. The M6 are not a bad choice for consumers with a lower budget but there are definitely other great choices out there.  Price $49.99.

Nir Schneider