iBallz For iPad

These balls are not something you see everyday that's for sure, the iBallz for iPad consist of four balls that are made from a very firm foam like material with a rubber cord connecting them all. What iBallz actually are supposed to do is protect your iPad from drops and spills, but there are big issues with these balls it turns out. First I will talk about how they actually work with your iPad. The iBallz slip onto each corner of your iPad and in order to keep them on you need to pull tightly (but not too tight) on the rubber cord and secure it. Once the iBallz are installed on the iPad, they will securely stay in place and you could even grab your iPad only by the rubber cord if you wish. You can use this rubber cord when you play game and you might find it pretty comfortable but it does need getting used too. Also, when the iBallz are installed on the iPad, you are able to lay it on a flat surface on both sides with having your iPad actually touching the surface, this is nice is you spill your drink on the same surface. A nice and quick feature that iBallz let's you do is position one ball out of the four right near the edge of your iPad's back in order to give your some tilt for a better hands free viewing angle or even typing. This works both in landscape and portrait positions, however there are some cons to this.

Now like I said earlier in the review, there are issues with the iBallz's functions. When you want to start typing, the two button balls will always interfere with your hands and you will then find typing isn't an option anymore. You will also find yourself looking for your headphone jack and that's because the iBallz fully cover the headphone jack port as well as the power/sleep button, you will have to remove a certain ball to use it, which isn't useful at all. Another thing that will really irritate you is the actual rubber cord the goes along the side of your iPad and it will make it uncomfortable to actually hold you iPad and use it's functions, and not to mention the excess cord with the secure button that just dangles to the side. 

So how do the iBallz really protect the iPad against drops? Well I'm certinally am not going to test that out for myself because my common sense tells me I shouldn't. But than again I would rather have iBallz on my falling iPad than no balls at all. iBallz are currently available in black, blue and gray. Price $19.95.


Nir Schneider