Boomwave Strapz Folio for iPad

The Strapz by Boomwave is a folio style case for the iPad that is made out of leather, although it does not smell like your typical leather, more of a pleather smell. The Starpz has a modern look to it with a pattern of slits on the front flap to show off the color of the inner neoprene sleeve which your iPad slides into. The outside finish of outer leather is smooth while the inside is a rough texture. The iPad slides very easily into the neoprene sleeve, but the neoprene is only on one side while the back is covered by the Strapz rough leather insides. This is a problem because this rough texture could scratch your iPads back side (depending on which side you slide in). Also there is very pminimal padding and protections against shock and even small bumps. The neoprene sleeve should fully surround the iPad from front to back, but this is not the case. 

The Strapz leather flaps are pretty thin leaving the back side with very little impact protection because there isn't padding on the back side. The way the Strapz secures the iPad inside is by slipping over the rubber band to close the flaps together and while doing so, your iPad is secured and will not fall out of the neoprene slip pocket. The Boomwave logo is embossed on the front side corner, and it isn't really noticeable which is nice. The Strapz does not offer much protection for your iPad, and I could not recommend it. Strapz is available in blue, green and orange. Price $43. 

Nir Schneider