PhantomSkinz Matte Protection for iPhone 4

The iPhone 4's smooth and shiny glass back looks extremely good but without any fingerprints on it, and as you all know, it's a fingerprint magnet! So what we have here is a matte body protection kit from PhantomSkinz which makes these clear skins as do many other companies out there. With this matte skin not only will it give you that extra scratch protection but it also get rid of those everyday finger prints while adding this matte textured finish to your iPhone 4. Now even when this matte film protects against scratches and finger prints doesn't mean you can eat some oily fries and not have any finger prints show up. The PhantomSkinz require a wet installation which took me only a few minutes to flat out some air bubbles with a plastic card and I was done. It was a very easy installation and I was left with a great looking finish to my iPhone 4's back.

Depending on your choice of protection kit, I also installed the matte side band protection all along and that was a piece of cake as well. I would highly recommend getting the matte version as it helps with finger prints, give you some slight grip with it's grainy texture and it also looks pretty awesome. The film has a perfect cutout for the camera and flash so no need to worry about that. The PhantomSkinz do not come with any application solution, but you only need to dip the films it some water and dish soap and you're ready to apply them, you can also use a spray bottle if you have one around to make it even more easy. The PhantomSkinz are exactly what you would get from other similar known brands out there. The Matte Full Body Kit will run you $24.95 for a back, sides and front protection and $15.95 for just a Matte Back protection.

Nir Schneider