Luxa2 H4 iPad Holder

The H4 by Luxa2 is the most amazing stand for the iPad I have ever seen. It's so unique and usable it's just the perfect iPad stand, better yet it's an iPad holder. The H4 is much more than just an iPad stand, it actually presents your iPad to you at the most comfortable angles possible. The H4 looks amazing with it's aluminum construction and Apple-like design. If you are a Mac user, the H4 will fit perfectly with your setup allowing you to display your iPad almost like it's an actual iMac. All of this is great new, but does the H4 really offer you flexibility without having to remove a case you have on your iPad? Yes! Most of us ipad users have a case installed and won't want to take it of just so we can use an accessory, and the H4 really does a great job being compatible with most cases on the market. The H4 has six rubber pegs that grip and hold your iPad with or without a case on by clamping both sides of the H4's head mount together to from a secure tight fit to hold your iPad in place. Also, the H4 has a black middle rubber surface which offers your naked iPad even more grip and scratch protection.

The bottom base is very wide so it can stay stable while you use your iPad without having to worry about it tipping over. The bottom also has a rubber surface that provides grip without having the aluminum getting in contact with your desk. The H4 has a rotating head which holds your iPad and can be adjusted easily to a horizontal or vertical angle. There are no locks or screws that you need to mess with, you just position your iPad where you want it and the H4 will stay in place without moving an inch. You can also flip your iPad upwards and downwards (see video above). The H4 is actually lightweight, but due to it's large base, it stays very stable allowing you to fully interact with your iPad's touch screen.  

Not only can you use the H4 with your iPad, but if you've got a kindle DX, it too will be compatible with the H4. Luxa2 really did a great job with it's H4 and I would highly recommend it if you're looking for such a thing for your device. Price $59.99.

Nir Schneider