Cyber Acoustics Leather iPad Folio Cover

Cyber Acoustics's Leather iPad Cover, which is more of a folio type case for the iPad has a very simple smooth design on the outside. On the inside there is a very smart mounting system for the iPad which is made from clear rubber that neatly holds and presents your iPad to you once you need to use it. This rubber mounting system looks like it would also provide a little shock protection from back bumps to the case. This leather folio actually feels protective because it's slightly padded unlike other folios. The front and back of the folio are pretty tough and hard so they seem to provide a good amount of protection. The leather quality isn't the best but it's definitely sufficient if you don't care much for high quality leather. The insides are lined with felt material which isn't super soft but it gets the job done. You can use the inner hand bungee strap on the inside of the flap which you flip over and secure it in place by two little straps, for when you want to hold your iPad by sliding your hand thru the strap. This actually provides some security and grip. 

Switching to the typing angle works flawlessly and it provides a great steady typing angle, I'm actually typing this review using my iPad with this folio and I find it to be comfortable. The front flap slides into a back slot and allows you to use both the typing and upright functions of the case. When it the upright landscape angle, the case is fairly steady even while using the screen lightly. If you want to use your iPad normally, you can flip the front flap over and back while using both the bungee straps to secure the flap to the case itself, this works the same way when you want to fully close up the case. This folio isn't the slimmest on the market and does add some bulk. While I really like the rubber grip mount that securely holds the iPad in place, it could lift up any screen shields you might have installed on your screen. Whether if you have the Leather Folio closed or opened, you've got full access to all your iPad's ports and buttons without any obstacles in your way. You can currently pick up your Cyber Acoustics Leather iPad Cover only in black leather. Price $39.99.

Nir Schneider