Chinao Slim iPad Folio

It's most likely that you have never heard of Chinao before, until now. Chinao is one of those new brands out of China that make this iPad case. I was very surprised when I first got my hands on this case. It's super slim form factor is very similar to Apple's iPad Case but with one difference, it looks much more elegant and businessy (yes I just made that word up). The Chinao iPad case is made out of pleather but without that plasticky cheap smell that most non-leather cases have, this one actually doesn't smell bad on the outside. The whole slim design of this folio makes for very easy and comfortable handling when on the go. If you're looking for drop protection then this might not be the case for you. While the Chinao folio provides a nice amount of bump and scratch protection, it will most likely not provide drop protection. The front flap is made out of hard plastic to protect your iPad's screen while the back has no plastic padding just the thin pleather material - just like Apple's iPad Case. 

On the back there is a perforated pattern design which I was told will not be on the upcoming version of this folio. There are no straps or clasps to close the flap to the folio, this is how it's designed and I did not have problems using it in the everyday. I found that holding my iPad with the flap over and back was comfortable and easy to manage because of how thin the overall folio is. Working with this folio in the typing and upright positions was very satisfying as it did a great job with stability and ease of use. Unlike other folios, I was able to use my iPad's touch screen in the upright position without it falling back.

All ports and buttons are easily accessible. I did find that the holes for the speaker was not perfectly aligned however sound wasn't fully effected. While the Chinao does not offer ultimate protection, it does offer fantastic usable functions that actually work perfectly with a very slim form factor while looking elegant. The Chinao folio comes in black, red, white, tan and brown colors with a matching accessory pouch. Price $44. - Price can vary. via eBay Store

Nir Schneider