GelaSkins for iPhone 4 Custom Skin

We reviewed a few skins by GelaSkins in the past and typically the quality is unmatched by others. This time we've got GelaSkins' custom 'make it yourself' skin for the iPhone 4 where you can upload your own design or picture and have it printed on a skin at no extra cost, and this is available for every product GelaSkins skins. Full review right after the break.

I love using GelaSkins skins because they are super easy to install and if you mess up you can always try again, and again, and again. The 3M adhesive used in these skins allows you to re-position and re-apply you skin many times while the diamond pattern helps push out air bubbles trapped underneath the skin. It works every time and you will always end up with a perfectly aligned skin. There isn't any sticky residue left even after months of use and the skin always comes off with ease. Nothing new here really.

The skins for the iPhone 4 come in a few pieces. A back skin, two side strip skins, top and bottom skins for the front as well as a matching wallpaper that GelaSkins sends to your email after ordering. Whether you're getting a stock design or uploading your own and making a custom skin, the design continues all over the skin  as one. You can see the text on the design I made for this skin continuing towards the side metal band of the iPhone 4. It's a nice touch especially when this is also found on the front side of the iPhone 4 if you're using the matching background. Granted the colors don't match exactly with the screen of the iPhone 4 and the skin itself but it's not all that noticeable and something to be expected.

The only small gripe I have with the GelaSkins skin for the iPhone 4 is that the side antenna band strips don't cover the band entirely leaving the top and bottom naked, however it will eliminate any antenna issues with the At&t iPhone 4. The cutouts for the volume buttons and silent switch are perfectly cut. Around the back I do recommend trying to match your skin color with the color of the back of your iPhone 4 whether you have a black or white back. In my case I've got a white skin over a black iPhone 4 back and it looks a little weird because the sides to show thru since the skin doesn't come all the way to the edge of the glass. I've had no issues using the LED flash and pictures did not come out washed out like I thought they would because of the white colored skin. 

The print quality of the custom 'make it yourself' skins are good but not great because the print is not sharp up close. Not paying extra to have your own custom skin at $14.95 is a little satisfying I think. You're going to fantastic scratch protection where your iPhone 4 is skinned but no added grip. I highly recommend using a GelaSkins skin with your iPhone 4 if you're not using a case. Price $14.95.

Nir Schneider