Ark Arkhippo 1 iPhone 4 Case

You are looking at the most massive case made for the iPhone 4, the Arkhippo 1 by ARK. The Arkhippo 1 is intended on being very bulky and that is what makes it a very usable case in more ways than one. The Arkhippo 1 is such a huge case that it is self standing and can be set in both vertical and horizontal angles. Full review after the break.

The Arkhippo 1 is made out of durable lightweight EVA material that is soft and feels like some sort of foam that is used for kids toys. It's a pretty soft material and does a great job protecting the iPhone 4 from big drops and bumps. The iPhone 4 easily slips into the Arkhippo 1 case and you will notice that there are not cutouts for the buttons or headphone jack, instead there is only one cutout for the speaker. 

This case was really meant to be a protective case that doubles as a stand and I think it's the ultimate case for protecting your iPhone 4 that you can throw around and give it to your kids without having to worry about anything. If you've got kids, the Arkhippo 1 is the perfect case to get. It's super fun to use and offers a lot of drop protection. It's surprisingly handy and usable even without cutouts because you can actually press down on the material and press your buttons without any issues. You can also use the top antenna-like nob to press sideways which will then press down on your sleep/wake button or you can simply press down on the material where your button is located and it will press without issues.

The Arkhippo 1 case is not meant to be used as an everyday case so don't treat it as your daily use protective case. It's way too bulky anyway and is really meant to be used at home or in the office. Even if you need a simple steady stand, the Arkhippo 1 would be a perfect solution for that need and will greatly increase your iPhone 4's lifespan by protecting very well. 

The iPhone 4 is very usable inside the Arkhippo 1 except the fact that there is not cutout for the headphone port. You can still take calls since the mic does have a nice cutout. I do think that the Arkhippo 1 should have a more drastic lay-on-the-table design so that the iPhone 4's screen would be even more protected from drops on objects. 

The Arkhippo 1 iPhone 4 case is a fantastic drop protective case for use by kids and makes a great bedside stand as well and I would highly recommend it as such. You can pick up the Arkhippo 1 case in seven vibrant colors for $24.

Nir Schneider