Power Support Air Jacket for iPod Touch 4G


Power Support have been producing their line of Air Jackets for several years now, with different versions for each iPhone and iPod touch model that Apple has released. It's a successful case that's been sold by Apple itself in-store and online, so it's no surprise that a new version is available for the iPod touch 4th gen. Is this case as good as it looks? Find out after the jump!

The Air Jacket range is essentially a super light, super thin snap-on style case designed to be as thin as possible, thus the name 'air' jacket. The Air Jacket comes in either clear or black, but this review will focus on the clear version.

When first placing the case on my iPod, I was shocked at how really thin it is. It is really just like air. Just the other day, I had a friend ask “How do you keep your iPod's back so pristine without a case?”. The case wraps itself snuggly around the back, but just a little prying on the bottom corners and you can take it right off again. The volume buttons and the sleep button are still easy to press, and the camera and mic have their holes perfectly aligned. From the front, you can see a bit of the case bordering each side except the bottom, but this border stays level with the screen. Overall, the appearance is sleek and almost invisible.

Being a thin shell, the main purpose of the case (to most anyway) is to protect the shiny chrome back of your new toy. In this regard, it does an excellent job. Because it fits snug, there's no room for it to move. Because it's clear though, any scratches on the case itself will be easily seen. This is where Power Support's 'self-healing coating' comes in. It's meant to instantly repair scratches on the coating, to keep the case looking new. Although I can't say to what extent this is true (as it could easily be that the case is just very scratch resistant), my case is still in very good condition. It is MUCH more scratch resistant compared to a regular clear case without this 'self-healing coating'. Sure, there are some marks here and there, but its condition is surprising for the amount of use it has had. Of course, you've got to be careful with dropping the iPod from a height or on the screen, as these types of cases will not help protect it in these situations.

The only negative I came across was that the case gained a sort of 'imprint' from the back of the iPod. The Apple logo, the word 'iPod' and all the little writing at the bottom left a barely visible imprint on the case. It's not clear enough to show in a photo, but it's definitely there. Also, the price is something to think about, as $34.95 is quite a lot for a shell. More protective and fuller cases can be bought for less, so

To top off it off, the case comes packed with one clear and one anti-glare film, both of which are excellent. After all, it is Power Support. For someone who isn't much of a fan of shells, I found this case surprisingly nice. My iPod feels so much thinner, yet I am comforted to know that it wont be getting damaged easily. As stated previously, there's also a black version available, but I have not tried the black version myself. If you want scratch resistance at the thinnest it can be, you can't go past the Power Support Air Jacket for iPod touch 4G.

Power Support