Magpul Executive Field Case for iPhone 4

The Magpul Executive Field case for the iPhone 4 is the only case you will ever need to get that tactical feeling. Magpul is a respected rifle accessory maker and the Executive Field Case was designed after their PMAG magazines. You would think this case will cost you around the $30 range but it actually costs $9.95, making it a very affordable option out of the bunch. Catch the full review after the break.

Though I want to say this case looks sleek, it really doesn't. Calling this case sleek is an insult. The Executive Field Case is everything but sleek. It's as tactical and rough as they come. Magpul designs and makes accessories for today's modern weaponry and their iPhone 4 case goes along very well with the theme. I think you will really appreciate this case if you're in the tactical. One thing this case isn't is a drop protective case. It will do fine protecting your iPhone 4 from scratches and very minor drops and bumps, however if you're known to drop your iPhone then you want to look elsewhere. The Executive Field Case is very slim adding no bulk to the iPhone 4. And while I really love that about this case, It just doesn't make a lot of sense having such a slim case while being out in the field. 

Because of how slim the Executive Field Case is, it has a very minor edge going over the iPhone 4's screen. You've got a very minimal lay-on-the-table design which is fantastic for those who want a slim case like myself. The Executive Field Case is made out of a flexible yet very firm TPU (Thermoplastic) material so it fits the iPhone 4 spot-on without flexes around the sides. It's one of the best fitting TPU cases for the iPhone 4 that I've tried thus far. 

The texture found on this case is pretty amazing for added grip and functionality. No lint will attract to this case and inserting your iPhone 4 into tight pockets is a breeze, as well as taking it out. The grainy texture together with the PMAG-style ribs on the side and back create the most amazing grip possible. Even the volume and sleep/wake buttons have a special grip button which I've never seen before on any case. You will need to push a little harder than you normally would on those buttons though. The Verizon iPhone 4 will not be compatible with this case because of the precise silent switch cutout. With the black colored Executive Field Case you won't have issues using your camera and LED flash but other users did report having washed out pictures using the different colored Executive Field Cases so be aware of that. 

Overall I think the Executive Field Case by Magpul is a good bang for your buck if you're looking for a slim, everyday case with a very different look. All this case adds is a whole lot of grip to your iPhone 4, and I love it. The color selection is wide at 8 colors and the price is right at $9.95.