Just Mobile AluPen Aluminum Stylus for iPad

I'm no stranger to the world of pen style styluses for touch screen devices. There are tons of styluses currently on the market but they are all very identical to each other. It seems like no one actually thought to change things up and improve the user's experience. When I first found out about the AluPen by Just Mobile I saw very big potential in it. The very familiar look brought back memories. The AluPen is an aluminum stylus for the iPad and other capacitive touch screen devices with one big feature, wide-grip. Is the AluPen the stylus to get? Find out in the full review right after the jump.

The AluPen is the only stylus that take on the familiar shape on an old friend, the pencil. I've spent long hours using the AluPen and couldn't stop myself from wanting to keep on using it with every possible chance I got. I used it on the iPad and on the iPhone and then on the Magic Trackpad. I quickly found out that even though the AluPen was designed for capacitive touch screen, it actually worked out quite well on Apple's glass touch pads and the Magic Trackpad. Obviously the AluPen is not fully compatible to work with touch devices other than touch screen but it was fun to tinker around. 

The AluPen is built very well with its aluminum construction and it feels very solid yet lightweight. At first I thought having a chunky pencil-like stylus would be a little weird to use, however my initial thought changed after I got to spend some good quality time and thoroughly use the AluPen with literally every single application I could think of. The AluPen felt like a familiar friend and its chunky form factor actually is very comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time. It feels like you're not holding some thin pen but more of a productive tool that was made do to do tasks that you would otherwise use one of your fingers to do. 

The rubber tip or nipple as I would like to call it, covers as much surface as the tip of your finger and that make for good contact with the touch screen. 

I really love the rounded rubber tip on the AluPen. It has a pocket of air that allows it to compress a bit so you will not hurt your touch screen in anyway and it also doesn't feel like you're banging on top of the glass with a solid object but rather like a soft finger tip. The touch sensitivity with the AluPen is fantastic and I could easily glide across the screen with ease. Using apps and playing games with the AluPen has been a joy. I even spent a lot of time painting and writing using the AluPen and I could see it replacing my finger without a doubt. 

I wouldn't go far out to say that the AluPen can 100% replicate the touch of your finger but it comes very close to it. In some instances I experienced a little unresponsiveness using the AluPen when I tried to faintly tap the touch screen. I could very easily use my finger to tap with the slightest touch and register a press on the iPad where it would require a little more using the AluPen. It's still a superb stylus to use though.

I think the AluPen is the ultimate stylus for touch screen devices. I find myself keep wanting to use it with the iPad. For someone who is looking for a good stylus, the AluPen should be the one to get. The AluPen comes with a neat little pouch for storage and you can choose from six different colors for $24.95.