iSkin Touch Duo Case for iPod Touch 4G

The iSkin Touch Duo case shares many similarities with the Duo case for the iPad but further improve on protection. Replacing the black bezel outline found on the Duo case for the iPad is a hard plastic front shield that borders the iPod Touch 4G's screen. If you like belt clips and need some of that tough protection, you might want to check this case out and we have the full review after the cut. 

The first thing this case is, is it's a well protective case for the iPod Touch 4G with shock-absorbing silicone and a hard plastic screen shield frame. It adds a little bit of bulk but it's great for drop protection. iSkin always uses the highest quality of silicone infused with Microban antimicrobial protection and the Touch Duo is no different. It feels really good in the hand with its smooth but grippy silicone and micro textured grip spots around the back for added grip. So in the protective front, the Touch Duo is a tough case and a good option to consider for protecting your iPod Touch 4G.

iSkin decided to attach a belt clip to the Touch Duo making it a primary feature of this case. I don't think that was a good idea since you have no option to get the Touch Duo case without a belt clip. Sure you can remove the belt clip and it isn't a bulky one but because the Touch Duo case was designed to have a built-in belt clip, it has two little holes on the back and a dip on the inside of the case to accommodate the belt clip's locking plate. All of this is great but for those who don't want to use the belt clip will have to suffer the weird belt clip mounting space on the back leaving an unsmooth look to the case. Also, the belt clip isn't a very good one to say the least. It's a simple and cheap one but it does rotate. I don't think this belt clip is worth ruining the finish of this pretty good looking case. 

Sure you can go about using the Touch Duo without the belt clip but it just looks bad. iSkin should have at least made another version without a belt clip. Not to mention once you remove that clip, you're bound to lose it somewhere especially because it has two separate parts to it. Without that cheap belt clip, it's much more comfortable to hold as well.

I typically love every single product coming from iSkin but this is just not that good solely because of the belt clip. Other than that the Touch Duo case is perfect. Buttons are easy to press and there is even a built-in dock connector dust cover. The lay-on-the-table design this case creates is unbelievably good and will add a lot of protection to the screen.

If the Touch Duo came in a none-belt clip version, I would have highly recommended it. The Touch Duo is on the pricy side at $39.99, and that doesn't make things any better. It's available in four colors.