iChair Stand case for iPod Touch

The iPod Touch's sleek and slim design make it one of the best media devices that can fit in your pocket. Cases for the Touch are often either too bulky, or too limited in functionality and protection.  Enter the iChair case for iPod Touch. This case is not your average ebay stand case that will break down on you in a few seconds. It's high quality materials and design make it a must have for the media muncher on the go. Is this a must have for all others? Stay tuned to find out!

Now when it comes to cases, this reviewer is very picky. The requirements for me are 1) protection, 2) form factor, 3) texture, and 4) durability. So based on these requirements the iChair for iPod touch does very well and then some with the added features. The iChair comes in a somewhat generic looking box, but it comes finely packaged and protected. The iChair case is a 2 piece slider type case and with each purchase you got one bottom black piece and 2 different colored top pieces.

Out of the box and under first impressions, the case is smooth and rubberized in nature. it is velvety to the touch and will not be a lint magnet if you put it in your pocket. The texture is one of my favorites when it comes to cases, as it does not attract fingerprints, nor does it become super furry after sitting in your pocket. It passes the "ease of pocketing" test with flying colors, no stickiness nor slipperiness that you might be worried about. The bezel is unfortunately slightly fat surrounding the screen of the iPod, but everything is covered up nicely besides what you need to access the most - the buttons and the dock connector port.

Putting on the case was easy - just put one side of the case on and then slide on the other side. I found the case to have a hair of a loose fit unfortunately. Despite this, there was no wobbling or creaking with the iPod in the case, and when the case was completely on, the iPod sat firmly in the iChair with no question of falling out. The iChair case does not add too much bulk to the already thin iPod. I liken the thickness to an iPhone 3g/s. Not the thinnest of cases out there, but not the thickest either.

Now for the shining reason why you should get this case. The iChair case has an ingenious addition of a stand that lets you view your iPod content comfortably on any table, and folds away instantly when you do not need it. The stand is sturdy and not flimsy at all - it folds out firmly and folds back in nicely. The viewing angle is especially nice as it is not too steep, nor to shallow. I found having my iPod sit next to my computer with the stand was extra comfortable, and I can see using the case to prop up the iPod as an alarm clock very useful. 

There are many cases out there today that offer the additional perk of the stand. The iChair executes the stand in a very effective manner, and overall the case offers plenty of protection while maintaining a smooth exterior. The stand being very sturdy compared to other similar cases I have seen at major retailers, makes this case highly recommended by this reviewer.