Redmaloo Salmon Leather iPhone 4 Sleeve Review

Redmaloo is a German company that makes some of the most unique accessories for Apple gadgets. Their philosophy behind every accessory is that its designed to look and be as minimal and modern as possible. Redmaloo's Salmon Leather sleeve for the iPhone 4 is the perfect example of all of that. It's safe to say that you've never seen such an extraordinary iPhone 4 sleeve before such as this one, I know I haven't. Redmaloo has sent over their Salmon Leather sleeve in the berry color which is obviously more suitable for female iPhone 4 users, but that certainly didn't stop me from giving it a full test drive in public for this review. Looks like it's a new trend here on Gadgetmac! Catch the full review right after the break!

I've reviewed many leather sleeves and cases in the past. Never have I reviewed a non-traditional cow leather accessory so unfortunately I cannot verify the true nature of this sleeve which is said to be made out of salmon leather. Surprisingly, it doesn't smell fishy! Thank god. Exploring a whole new leather concept is truly very fascinating, especially when it's something you carry with you on a daily basis. If you're wondering what this sleeve feels like, it feels slightly flaky with a subtle softness coming from the leather. The Salmon Leather iPhone 4 sleeve is also available in silver and gray, none of which I think would be suitable for men though just because of the overall look the salmon leather creates. Sorry guys, you might want to skip on this one unless you don't mind rocking a rather feminine looking sleeve on your iPhone 4.

There isn't anything too special or different in the way this sleeve is made. It's rather a traditional iPhone 4 sleeve with one little exception. The interior lining that Redmaloo used in the Salmon Leather sleeve is rather quite different when compared to other sleeves. It feels like a suede material that is very soft and will not scratch your iPhone 4. The only single issue I have found with this sleeve to be is that it's not a form fitting sleeve. Nor is it tight fitting. 

I don't like how the iPhone 4 fits inside the Salmon Leather sleeve. It feels like it's lose inside rather than a good tight and solid feeling a sleeve should have. If you grab a hold of your iPhone 4, you'll notice that the sleeve will crumble up because of its excess material that should otherwise have been a lot tighter around the iPhone 4. A fitting issues such as this is just unacceptable no matter how unique this sleeve might look. It's a shame really. Redmaloo needs to address this if they want to win the hearts of iPhone 4 users because they did an amazing job as creating something that is unlike any other sleeve on the market.

You can get an idea of just how badly the Salmon Sleeve's fitting issue really is when comparing to the actually width of the iPhone 4. It's a little ridiculous really. I'm starting to think this sleeve was actually made for the iPhone 5, which supposedly should have a larger form factor due to a larger screen size. The good news is that the interior lining actually prevents the iPhone 4 to easily slip out from within the sleeve without you wanting it to. That really helps in this case. Even while the fitting is off, you can hold the sleeve upside down without your iPhone 4 spontaneously flying towards the ground. This is where the little tab on the end of the sleeve comes in handy when it comes time to take your iPhone 4 out. It helps you easily slide your iPhone 4 out.

Overall, Redmaloo's Salmon Leather sleeve for the iPhone 4 has just the right amount of quality, good looks and extremely slim form factor any iPhone 4 user will come to love. Sadly, this sleeve does not feel like it was custom tailored to fit the iPhone 4 as it should. $39 or €39 depending on where you live, is a not a bad price for such a unique leather sleeve considering the drawbacks this sleeve has.