Alcase Hybrid Aluminum Bumper Case for iPhone 4S Review

So you are into the aluminum bumper style cases. Can’t find one that gives you that good feeling or doesn’t have reception problems? Well our good friends over at Alcase sent us another treat to test out. This time it’s the Alcase hybrid aluminum bumper case with white back. Got a new shiny white iPhone 4S? Are you like me and have trouble selecting a good matching case for the white iPhone? Hit the jump to see if this hybrid aluminum bumper-style case is the real deal.

We first took a look at Alcase's aluminum iPad 2 case, which is an amazing machined aluminum slip-case. I was really excited to receive this case to review. As you can see, it comes in this nice sized tin. Most higher end case makers do the same, but this one screamed upscale and modern to me. In the tin you get the top aluminum piece (ten color choices), the bottom white hybrid plastic piece, the lining to prevent the phone from actually contacting the metal, Torx screwdriver, and six Torx screws. I have used numerous aluminum cases in the past and all had some kind of flaw. This case just felt great right out of the tin, without even putting the screws in.

The finish of the aluminum is simply crafted brilliantly. Smooth all over and the phone sits flush inside the case without even putting the screws in. I knew this was a quality case right off the bat. As you can see, the lining is where all the magic lays, and you never even see it! The Delrin engineering plastic liner fits inside the aluminum so that your phone never touches the metal. It has kept my phone from having any type of cellular interference, from phone calls to GPS location locks. The phone sits perfectly inside the lining and the top aluminum piece.

One nice feature about the Alcase bumper is the contour styling of the sides of the case. It has two simple grooves on the sides for your finger placement and it made the phone a treat to use and grip. The cutouts around the whole device where outstanding and had no problems using them. I find with most cases either the volume buttons are a pain to use, or the sleep/wake button is too recessed, but with this case it was spot on.

I can’t comment on any 3rd party docking stations or car charges working with this case, as I just need and use a USB car charger. As you can see, it's a nicely sized cutout and should work with some accessories out there on the market.

The Alcase offers a nice lay on table design and for the top and bottom. I had no worries placing my phone down on multiple surfaces. You will also have no problems with front and back screen protectors as the case wraps around the device. Looks like it should have enough room to fit Lucky Lab Spectra wraps as well. I found this case to have a nice slim profile, maybe not Incase Snap thin, but it didn’t give me that “this case is really bulky” feeling. Slips into any pockets, tossed it in and out of my travel bag, and the case shows no signs of dings or marks anywhere. The white has shown no sign of discoloring, but will update the review if this changes. After putting in the four Torx screws, the phone felt solid in the hand and the case is constructed beautifully.

Another great hybrid aluminum bumper to consider that has a similar form factor is the E13ctron S4V. This on the other hand, has a Derlin back frame that was CNC machined to match the look and feel of the rest of the aluminum frame. The Alcase's Derlin piece has a more prominent plastic look by comparison. Something to take into consideration if you want to get that solid, overall aluminum look as much as possible. 

The headphone cutout is well sized and you should have no problems with any 3rd party headphones you are using. 

So how does this aluminum bumper match up against the other top names out there? I would definitely say it holds its own and outdoes some of the competition. To recap, the case feels solid in the hand, all the cutouts are perfect, no reception problems, and keeps a slim profile with solid bumper protection. Would also like to add that the case feels light due to the hybrid backing. The pricing isn’t that bad either. For 45.00 GBP or 70.00 USD dollars, you get a great aluminum case that comes packaged extremely tastefully. However, the case is not my cup of tea because the case wraps around the phone making it wider and longer. Some might like this, others won’t. This wouldn’t stop me from recommending this case. So if you are looking for a stylish case to match up with your shiny new toy, consider this case for sure.

Check out Alcase to choose from the black or white hybrid backs and a variety of colored aluminum tops.